App design

We Build Apps
That Feel Good

An unforgettable user experience has to trigger the right emotions at the right times.

When we design applications for startups, we plot out what the user should feel along their journey—when they should feel excitement, anticipation, celebration.

We then deliberately design each interface, loading screen, and interaction to exceed the user’s expectations, keeping them surprised and delighted at every turn.

"EmotionLabs produced extraordinary results in a short period of time with minimal oversight needed. If you're in the market for a world-class digital agency, look no further.”

Michael Twersky
CEO, Whyline.

UI & dashboard design

Protecting The Most
Valuable Asset: Time

There is no worse feeling for a user than to arrive at an empty dashboard, or stare at a screen that asks for unnecessary information.

When we think about user interface design, we look for these moments of friction—and find creative ways to shift their focus, or postpone asking for information that isn’t absolutely necessary.

This respect for your user’s time is what allows you to earn more of it, and builds lasting loyalty in the process.

“Design by EmotionLabs was the center of everything we did. It’s what got us into millions of apps and billions of devices in a short period of time.”

Wayne Chang
Founder, Crashlytics.


Branding That
Leaves An Impression

The way you present yourself as a startup is a user’s first indication of quality.

A strong brand identity is one that positions your startup as an authority in your space, and clearly separates you from your competitors.

Whether it’s branded materials, digital assets, or a fresh approach to your web presence, we know how to help your startup stand out.

“Captivating visual design and remarkable ease of use were key components of Fabric’s launch. Emotion Labs was critical in helping us achieve the user experience we wanted.”

Jeff Seibert
Founder, Fabric.

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